Writhing Shadows - "Writhing Shadows" - 12" Vinyl LP

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Writhing Shadows - "Writhing Shadows" - 12" Vinyl LP

The crushing debut album from Alabama's death metal powerhouse WRITHING SHADOWS. Available for the first time on vinyl LP.

⛓️2 Color Variants:
⛓️Ashen White (300)
⛓️Black Opaque (200)
⛓️Matte Jacket
⛓️Interior Print
⛓️Heavy Insert

Ships in a plastic sleeve with 2 cardboard fillers in a heavy-duty box.

Co-released with Dawnbreed Records. European customers are encouraged to order directly from Dawnbreed at: www.dawnbreed.com

FFO: Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Frozen Soul

  • Black Opaque Vinyl
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  • Ashen White Vinyl
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