Wharflurch - "Shittier / Slimier" cassette

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Wharflurch - "Shittier / Slimier" cassette

Wharflurch lives!

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Cassette details:
- USA exclusive layout
- 5-panel j-card insert
- includes Bandcamp DL
- white shell imprint
- two shell variants

🍄Metallic Purple Liner🍄
Limited to 100

🍄Black Liner🍄
Limited to 200

Following 2021's critically acclaimed “Psychedelic Realms ov Hell," Florida death-doom metal entity WHARFLURCH returns with “Shittier/Slimier” — a 36+ minute collection of previously unreleased demos that showcase the more experimental and psychedelic side of the project.

1. Shit Rains Down
2. Enochian Curse
3. Death Toll Horror
4. Headless God
5. The Empty Spaces
6. Wormwood Palace
7. ...From Ixaxaar to Xibalba

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