Siege Column - "Inferno Deathpassion" CD

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Siege Column - "Inferno Deathpassion" CD

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If you're unfamiliar with New Jersey's SIEGE COLUMN, it's time you get acquainted! Featuring members of Altar of Gore, Blasphematory, and Burial Stone, SIEGE COLUMN play a raw, vicious form of old school death metal with comparisons to Bolt Thrower, Blasphemy, Autopsy, Impetigo, and the South American scene. Legitimately sounds OLD and is sick as all fuck.

"Inferno Deathpassion" is the band's debut full-length. Released in 2018.

"From the wastelands of New Jersey, Siege Column rears its ugly head to unleash its debut album, “Inferno Deathpassion.” With these nine death marches that blur the established norms that seek to categorize metal into various subgenres, Siege Column spits in the face of such conventional tendencies and instead harkens back to the days of yore when metal was defined more essentially by primal traits such as speed and ferocity. Whereas this horde’s preceding two demos served to sharpen the knives in its attack arsenal, “Inferno Deathpassion” represents the first offensive in an all-out assault that promises to raze any and all obstacles that lay in its path, be it willingly or otherwise."

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