Siege Column / Evil - Split 7" vinyl EP

$9.00 USD
Siege Column / Evil - Split 7" vinyl EP

Obtained from Nuclear War Now! (USA)

If you're unfamiliar with New Jersey's SIEGE COLUMN, it's time you get acquainted! Featuring members of Altar of Gore, Blasphematory, and Burial Stone, SIEGE COLUMN play a raw, vicious form of old school death metal with comparisons to Bolt Thrower, Blasphemy, Autopsy, Impetigo, and the South American scene. Legitimately sounds OLD and is sick as all fuck. The band offers up 2 exclusive tracks on this split.

On the flip side, there's EVIL. Definitely not straight up death metal - more of a blackened death/thrash approach. Really sick shit. Probably some of the best of that entire subgenre. But I'm not well-versed in it, so I could be wrong? Haha. Regardless, the Japanese act offers up 3 tracks here that are in the vein of Sodom, Sarcofago, and fellow compatriots Sabbat. Really really sick stuff!!

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