NunSlaughter - "Goat" CD

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NunSlaughter - "Goat" CD

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DIGIPAK CD reissue of NUNSLAUGHTER's 2nd album self-released by the band. Features the original 2003 mix with all new 2021 mastering.

Originally released in 2003, Goat was NUNSLAUGHTER's glorious second album, with a classic lineup that saw these insanely prolific miscreants truly hitting their peak. This album marked the unstoppable flow of DEVIL METAL, the blasphemous and raw and utterly addicting style of Satanic metal NUNSLAUGHTER stared in 1987 and forever made their own. All the classics are here on Goat: "Satanic Slut," "Raid the Convent," "You Bleed," "The Guts of Christ," and "Thou Art in the Kingdom of Hell" featuring lyrics written by Jeff Becerra of the mighty Possessed.

Burning the flame of true satanic DEATH METAL since 1987!!!


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