Cadaveric Incubator / Axeslaughter - Split 7" EP

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Cadaveric Incubator / Axeslaughter - Split 7" EP

Imported from Iron Bonehead (Germany)

I don't hide the fact that Finland's Cadaveric Incubator are one of my favorite modern OSDM acts. I have been ravenously gobbling up their giblets since their formation in 2014.

Featuring former members of Slugathor, Torsofuck, Festerday, Carnifex (Fin)

The band dropped this 2018 split with Axeslaughter and then followed it up with one of my favorite albums, their sophomore full length "Nightmare Necropolis" (2021). Their 2 tracks here feature their signature sound: a disgusting hybrid of old school death metal and gory grind. Loads of festering fun!!

The other side features Finnish death-thrashers Axeslaughter. Nasty, dirty, sound with a snarling bad attitude. Really unique sound. Not sure what you'd compare them too. Maybe hints of Autopsy? I dunno but I dig it!

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