Mortem - "Death is My Name" cassette

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Mortem - "Death is My Name" cassette

Imported from Coyote Records (Russia)

Formed in 1989, Russia's MORTEM were one of the earliest death metal bands to come out of the Eastern Bloc. Originally a total Barnes-era CC worship band, Mortem started to develop more of their own sound by this album. It's still ULTRA BRUTAL and totally OLD SCHOOL and catchier than COVID-69.

The band released 1 demo and 4 albums before calling it a day, and every single one of their hard-to-find releases is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. "Death is My Name" is the band's third album (originally released in 2002). Reissued in 2024 by Coyote Records, the cassette is limited to 50 copies, housed in a slipcase with a good-sized j-card. It includes the band's debut demo "Born By Evil" (1991) as bonus tracks! If you don't order from us, you'll probably never have a chance at owning this rarity! And that'd be a damn shame.

I cannot recommend this album enough! For fans of: early Cannibal Corpse, Mortal Decay, Gaffed, Broken Hope, BodyBag, Mutilated


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