Graverape - “Horrors of Life Eternal” Special Edition cassette

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Graverape - “Horrors of Life Eternal” Special Edition cassette

The latest filth from Gurgling Gore!

This is the Detroit-based death/doom duo GRAVERAPE's sophomore album "Horrors of Life Eternal." It contains 45+ minutes of punishing riffs and vicious snarls, drenched in seething hatred for mankind. Available as a special edition cassette release from yours truly - featuring a double-sided, all-over shell print and a massive, 8-panel j-card insert.


The band originally self-released the album on their CAVERAPE RECORDS moniker earlier this summer. It quickly sold out. When they reached out to Gurgling Gore to ask if we wanted to reissue it, it was a no-fuckin-brainer!

GRAVERAPE are one my personal favorite modern OSDM acts! I am beyond stoked to be releasing this for them. The band perfectly combines the HM2-ridden death metal riffing of Fleshcrawl and Grave with the death/doom of USA underground legends Sorrow, Mindrot, and Derketa. It's a perfect amalgamation!