Death Vomit - "Death Vomit" cassette

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Death Vomit - "Death Vomit" cassette

Imported from Coyote Records (Russia)

One look at that artwork and you know you've gotta have this!

The 1993 debut from Russia's DEATH VOMIT - one of the earliest death metal bands to come out of The Motherland. Reissued on cassette w/ slipcase in 2024. Limited to 50 copies! If you don't buy this from us, chances are you'll never own this one (and that'd be a damn shame!).

This is total USA death metal worship but with a primitive edge. Think early Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, and Malevolent Creation but with a rawness that is undeniably birthed from the Eastern Bloc.

Death Vomit released this sole album and then disappeared! No follow-ups, no new bands formed by the members. Just totally gone! Which is unfortunate considering just how sick this album is. One can only imagine what a sophomore album would've sounded like!

Very underrated! As are most old school death metal bands from this region (Mortem, Necrocannibal, Graveside). Highly recommended!!

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